private individuals

You don't have a business and you don't need all the complex accounting services but accounting itself is a mistery to you? Maybe other accounting firms don't meet your expectations? We will be happy to help.

With us - you don't need to worry about keeping your deadlines, being precise or solid. Those are an obvious standard for us. For years the people we've been hiring are professionals who stand out due to their professionalism, vast knowledge and the desire to grow.

What's more, we treat each client's affairs with our utmost attention. No matter the case, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

What we do

Our offer includes

Preparation of loan applications, financial analyzes
Representation before tax offices
Keeping the register of VAT purchase and sale
Preparation of tax declarations for tax offices and taxpayers
Help in buying a home - from consultancy to the complete submission of documents
Handling personnel and payroll matters of employees
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